‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar May Have Her Own Reasons For Moving To Los Angeles

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and her husband Jeremy are headed for the West Coast! The Counting On star and Vuolo, a former pro soccer player turned minister, are relocating from Laredo, Texas to Los.

Jinger Duggar has often been considered to be the rebellious member of the Duggar family. And it has recently been revealed that she and her husband are moving to LA and the Duggar parents are not happy about it. Has Jinger Duggar REALLY Been Disowned By Her Parents?! The Duggar Family. Vuolos.

Duggars finally respond to their daughter; jinger duggar vuolo moving to LA. ’19 Kids and Counting’s star Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced to their fans that they were leaving Texas and moving to Los Angeles. The ‘Counting On’ couple took to Instagram to share the exciting news just a week earlier.

The Counting On star has a reputation for being the "rebel" of the Duggar family, although her rebellions do tend to sort of look just like regular living to the rest of the world. That being said.

She moved back in with her dad and his partner at the age of 25, having been travelling for two years. Laura then started her own. is a reason why I wouldn’t want to move back home, because even.

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Ever since ‘Counting On‘ star jinger duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, announced they are moving to Los Angeles rumors have been swirling that a feud is brewing with her parents.

Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016, Jinger Duggar became the first of her father’s daughters to relocate.. Jinger not only fled the nest metaphorically, she packed up and left.

Jinger Duggar is going to Hollywood! Well, maybe. The Counting On star’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently revealed he was accepted into Master’s Seminary, a bible college based in Los Angeles.

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Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently announced that they are moving from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles this summer so Vuolo can. Counting On stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo recently announced that they are moving from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles this summer so Vuolo.