Pentagon approves request to build tents to house 7,500 migrants

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Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing near the border for roughly 7,500 migrants The tents will be erected near the Tornillo, Donna, Laredo and Del Rio ports of entry, as well as in Arizona.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan Patrick Michael Shanahan Feinstein, Iranian foreign minister had dinner amid tensions: report Pentagon approves DHS request to build tents to house 7,500.

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The US military may build tents and other shelters near the Mexican border to temporarily house migrants, the Pentagon said on Wednesday. Department of Defense spokesman Chris Mitchell said the Pentagon had received a request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "to construct temporary

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said on Wednesday that it would build temporary housing along the southwestern border for 7,500 migrant adults facing deportation, the latest step in the administration’s efforts to respond to a surge of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the United States.

DHS requests US troops build tents to house up to 7,500 migrant adults: Pentagon Trump handed a victory by appeals court in DC hotel lawsuit sarah mcbride could become Delaware’s first transgender.

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The US military may build tents and other shelters near the Mexican border to temporarily house migrants, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.. locations to house and care for a minimum of 7,500.

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Pentagon agrees to set up tent housing near border for some 7,500 migrants Undocumented migrants wait to be processed after crossing the Texas border on May 15, 2019. RICKY CARIOTI/THE WASHINGTON POST

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