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REDUCE COLLISIONS, INJURY AND DEATH IN TORONTO. Amber and red light runners. # 4 – Distracted drivers. # 3 – Drivers who don’t move over, slow down or get out of the way of emergency vehicles.. On a track, there are no pedestrians or drivers in your way who are driving much slower than you. You would be taught to do it properly. Ken.

Numpty behind the wheel had no idea that he just blew through a red light while peds were crossing. Best to head to TMR or your local cop shop and return your drivers lisence. The driver was.

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Brett Davison gives his opinion on women drivers and middle lane hoggers – but what gets on your nerves when you’re out in the car? Complaining, but never officially is something of a national hobby.

This means that when someone creeps into an intersection on a green light (no arrow) to make a left turn and he is unable to complete the turn before his light goes red, you can not stomp on the gas when you get your green and blow him out.

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Start studying Drivers ed: chapter 4. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. –when behind s vehicle that has stopped to let a pedestrian cross. The laws of New Jersey require motorists to keep: right, except when passing. right turn on red light.

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1 /r/IdiotsInCars is meant to be a lighthearted, humorous subreddit. If your post does not contribute to the nature of the sub it will be removed.. Considerate driver lets pedestrians cross before continuing through red light. 1115 107 comments. 2223 187 comments . Imagine being so.

Not only did the guy roll through the red light, but you think he could have at least stopped and checked if the guy was OK. Pedestrian walked away, I followed to get the driver’s license plate.

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Posts about bad drivers written by stamperdad. WRITINGS & RAMBLINGS. by Steve B. Davis, Author. Red light runners.. the one behind you laying on the horn when you’re stopped to let a pedestrian cross, or one of the more memorable ones who was blasting the horn when I was stopped by a.