Texas Border Coalition Urges Congress to Pass Dream and Promise Act of 2019 – Texas Border Business

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 · This fact sheet provides an overview of the Dream Act and other similar legislative proposals, explains changes made to DACA on March 13, 2019, and provides information about policies at the state level that support Dreamers.

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The Trump Administration wants to terminate programs for immigrants without permanent status, including Dreamers, TPS holders, and DED holders. Call Congress and demand permanent protections for these groups today.

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The Texas Border Coalition (TBC) is a group of elected officials and business leaders located along the border of Texas and Mexico who make policy recommendations to help the texas-mexico border region grow and prosper economically. TBC is non-partisan, and seeks to help Texas border communities speak with one voice on areas of agreement, focusing on immigration and ports of entry, transportation, health care and education and workforce development.

 · Business. Protests.. L.A. county and city officials call on Congress to pass Dream Act.. Antonio Villaraigosa slams Trump decision to phase out DACA as ‘arguably racist,’ urges Congress to act.

Congress has an opportunity to pass a desperately needed-and humane-Dream and Promise Act. Now is the time for decisive action. Every day, we are reminded of this administration’s efforts to transform our immigration system into a cold and inhumane enforcement engine.

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Congress. must pass legislation by the end of September to avoid a government shutdown. The White House appears poised to use that deadline as leverage to secure progress on its immigration agenda.

June 21, 2019 Coalition letter to Senate leadership urging swift passage of the Kiddie Tax Scholarship Fix June 21, 2019 Coalition letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos pertaining to Section 117 of the HIgher Education Act June 19, 2019 Coalition Letter on Extension of Tuition Deduction and Repeal of Parking Tax . June 7, 2019

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